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Cut and collect

Westwood’s cutting and collection system is unmatched for its ability to cut shorter and collect fully… even in the wet

Most ‘ride-on mowers’ rely on air flow caused by the cutting blades to throw lawn clippings into the grass catcher. This system can be noisy and inefficient. Damp grass will often get clogged in the deck and discharge chute, requiring regular unblocking and an unacceptable finish on your lawn.

The Westwood cut and collection system works in a better way. The three hardened-steel blades found in the heavy duty Westwood XRD deck are contra-rotating and throw the clippings to the rear of the deck. The ejected grass is swept up by the spinning brushes of the Grass Sweeper.

The Westwood ‘system’ means that even wet grass can be cut and collected fully, with little risk of clogging. Leaves can be quickly cleared from the lawn simply by driving over them with the collector engaged. There is a grass sweeper available for all Westwood garden tractors. T& F Series tractor can be fitted with a 300 litre PGC+. A 390 litre Powered Grass Collector is available for the V Series tractor.